6 Ideas to Put the Spring into Your Spring Revenue

While spring brings a change in the weather for most locations, it also brings a number of opportunities to refresh your products and services. Spring is a great time to boost your marketing campaigns so that you can boost your business revenues.

Adding the theme of spring to your marketing campaigns allows customers to see your products and services in a different light. Here are six ways to add a spring theme to your products and services.

1. Add a holiday twist.

With a plethora of spring holidays to choose from, you can build a sale around any of these.

  • Easter
  • May Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Flag Day
  • Father’s Day

Memorial Day is the big one; it ushers in warmer weather and signals the end of school for kids and teachers. Plus, customers are used to seeing sales during this long weekend. Mother’s Day can be a revenue booster for many businesses as well.

Which one of these holidays can you best connect your products and services? That’s your answer for an effective spring sale. If you are an egg farmer, the answer is obviously Easter. If you offer women’s products, Mother’s Day is a sure bet. The same goes for men’s items and Father’s Day. If your product is patriotic, Flag Day or Memorial Day should be your choice.

2. Temporarily switch to spring packaging.

If you sell products with packaging, put some color into your offerings to make them stand out. Common spring colors include green, yellow, pink, orange, baby blue, and pastels. Consider adding flowers to your artwork or to your actual offering.

3. Hold an open house.

If you offer services and no products, an open house works especially well. Invite your prospect list and current clients – ask them to bring a friend – and offer refreshments with a spring theme.  Plan an agenda with a speaker on a topic adjacent to your offerings and allow time for guests to mingle and network.

4. Free spring gift with purchase.

Providing a free gift is common in the cosmetics industry, but you may be able to apply the idea to your products and services. Make it spring-focused if possible.

An easy idea that works in any industry is a spring basket of goodies, which can be food, personal items, or just about anything that will fit in a basket. A spring basket in conjunction with any of the above holidays works great. For example, a basket with items women would love would work for Mother’s Day. With Memorial Day, you could create a picnic theme and add tiny flags to further tie it to the holiday. These baskets could be sold separately or included for free with a large purchase.

5. Spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a common theme you may be able to use in your offerings. Whether it’s actually cleaning, removing clutter, becoming more organized, or even crossing an item off the to-do list, this theme will help to connect the feeling of accomplishment to your products and services.

If you offer any kind of organizational services and products, such as closet design, junk removal, or house cleaning, this is a perfect theme. It also works with companies in the business of beautifying your home or office space, such as wardrobe designers, interior decorators, home furnishings businesses, florists, art galleries, landscape businesses, and plant nurseries.

6. Graduation

Spring is a time for graduation ceremonies. Tie your products and services to graduation, starting a new life, or progressing your career.

Mix and match these six ideas to produce an even more powerful spring theme in your business.

Whether you go with a small change like adding a flower to your offerings or a big change like an entirely new marketing campaign with a bonus gift, adding a spring theme to your products and services will be like a breath of fresh air to your sales.

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